The Truth Will Out by Jane Isaac

 The Truth Will Out by Jane Isaac

‘Eva turned to face her friend. ‘How could you involve me in this?”

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The mysterious dark cover of The Truth Will Out contains a thrilling crime story. In the very first pages we jump straight in to the action, as Eva Carradine’s best friend Naomi is brutally attacked in her own home, and Eva must decide how to react. Helen Lavery is instantly on the case, dedicated to deciphering every clue until the mystery of Naomi’s murder is solved.

The novel’s third person narrative divides its time between Helen and Eva, and even occasionally recounts the actions of members of the criminal underworld. Isaac captures the tension between the present of the story, as Helen determines to solve the case and Eva frantically runs from herself, and flashbacks which eventually lead us to the fundamental truth of the tale.

Helen Lavery is a strong female detective working in a primarily male office. A single-mother raising two teenage boys, she struggles between managing her personal and professional life while simultaneously battling to bring justice to Naomi’s killers. Helen’s character remains relatable and realistic while upholding a moral and dedicated front. She is admirably the strongest character in the book. Isaac’s thorough research has lead to an accurate portrayal of police-work and highly believable characters as ordinary people are thrust in to extremely extraordinary situations.

The Truth Will Out is a psychological crime thriller with an original story line, set between the Midlands and the Scottish Highlands.

Gone_Girl_(Flynn_novel)Published by independent book publishers Legend Press, The Truth Will Out is a novel about friendship, fear, greed and piecing together the truth. As Eva tries to escape her past, rural Scotland provides a widely visible backdrop to her inner turmoil. Will she do the right thing and come clean, or will fear and desperation keep her running scared? If you like Agatha Christie, Patricia Cornwall and Gillian Flynn, you’ll love The Truth Will Out.

Order the book from Legend Press in paperback or ebook here.

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