The Sylvia Plath Poetry Prize – Second Prize for ‘A Sudden Mother’
Lucent Dreaming Short Story Competition – Second place for ‘A Change of Skin’ (2020)
BBC National Short Story Award – Longlisted for ‘Rhizome’ (2020)
Poetry London Poetry Prize – Special mention for ‘Eve’ (2020)
Literature Wales Writers Bursary (2019/20)
Wales Book of the Year – Shortlisted for Salacia (2020)
Seren Christmas Poetry Competition – First place for poem ‘The Grey Mare’ (2017)
The Welsh Poetry Competition – Highly Commended for ‘Cawl’ (2017)
The Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award – Highly commended for ‘Welsh Cakes’ (2017)
The Welsh Poetry Competition – Highly commended for ‘Homesick’ (2016)
The Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award – First place (2016)
Robin Reeves Writing Prize – Third place (2015)


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“I am my own stranger,” Anne Sexton