About Me

Mari Ellis Dunning

Hi, I’m Mari, a Welsh writer of poetry, short stories, novels and children’s books. I love nothing better than curling up with a cup of coffee and letting my imagination run free as I put pen to paper, and most of my scribblings end up here, along with a whole host of honest and unbiased Book Reviews. My absolute favourite things in the world are dogs, coffee and eyeliner! I’m also the face behind Lunar Ink, where I work with words in all formats.

A little about my writing… I have several publications and awards to my name, including two ebooks which are available across Amazon and Tablo and an MA Degree in Creative Writing. In March 2016, I was announced as first place winner of The Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award.

My first children’s book, Percy the Pompom Bear, is available now from Rowanvale Books. My debut novel, How The Broken Live, is also in the process of publication.

To see more on my publication history, take a peek at my portfolio.

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Lunar Ink Content

Struck: a Ghost Story1c2fa75e-9a35-4679-a713-9538ee3e2c04-2-001.jpgPercy Pompom- Full Cover

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