Exciting news!

My debut poetry collection, Salacia, is launching in Summer 2018 with Parthian books. Salacia was the Roman Goddess of the sea. You can see samples of some already published works, which will be included in the collection, below:




comes rolling with the tide,
leaves me gasping. It salts
my spleen, pickles my lungs,
shakes loose my organs, hunkers
at the shipwreck of my spine.



after Zelda Fitzgerald

One by one, this string of sticky pearls
clogged the gullet of your golden girl,
hissing like champagne – –

I tried to sleep through the sunrise,
wanted nothing more than to curl
in to myself, pliéd beneath the duvet.

I hoped you would find me there,
splayed and beautiful, an eyelash
beaten loose by the drag of my palm,

one leg impossibly kinked, bruised
still from the clatter of marble stairs,
demanding, always, all the iridescence
of the beginning of the world.




As she perches on the cusp
of a swingset,
the midday sun
picks sweat from fingers
coiled with maternal love
around the flexing
plastic trinket. Her

trembling hands
unpick the metal
from its casing, she
draws breath
– she waits –

holds the oxygen in her lungs
two sacks
of captured bullfrogs,
humming for release.

by the starchy
wholeness of her body,
her skin goads
the flash of silver
until she is sewn together
by the breakages –
her arms a tapestry

of something
of nothing.

Every day she unpicks
herself, maps the emptiness,
gridlike, above the sewage
system of her veins,
draws across the canvas
of skin, hollowing
herself like the clean
of a pumpkin.

She folds herself in two,
her breath a quiver
in the hot air, fragile
as skin-flakes,
insubstantial as starlight.

imagesOlder versions of these poems appear in Parthian’s Cheval 10 and Cheval 11. To find out where you can see more of my published work, see my portfolio.