Competitions and Awards

Competitions and Awards

Lucent Dreaming Short Story Competition (2020)
Second place for short story ‘A Change of Skin’

BBC Short Story Award (2020)
Longlisted for short story ‘Sorrow’

Poetry London Prize
Special mention for poem ‘Eve’

Wales Book of the Year (2019)
Shortlisted for debut poetry collection ‘Salacia

Seren Christmas Poetry Competition (2017)
First place for poem ‘The Grey Mare’
Printed on Seren’s Christmas cards

The Welsh Poetry Competition (2017)
Highly commended for poem ‘Cawl’

The Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award (2017)
Highly commended for short story ‘Welsh Cakes’
Printed in Cheval 10, Parthian

The Welsh Poetry Competition (2016)
Highly commended for poem ‘Homesick’
Printed in The Welsh Poetry Competition Anthology

The Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award (2016)
First place for short story ‘Cartref’
Printed in Cheval 9, Parthian

Robin Reeves Writing Prize (2015)
Third place for poem ‘Fy Iaith’
Printed in How to Exit a Burning Building, Parthian

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