The Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award

Once again, the Terry Hetherington Award ceremony was a fantastic event, featuring a cocophany of talented young writers.

It was lovely to see new, previously unfeatured winners this year, another testament to the quality of this award, which prioritises the quality of a piece over the history of an entrant.

On a personal note, I have made so many friends and connections as a direct result of this award – winning last year has put me in great stead with other writers and publishers across Wales. I can’t praise the Terry Hetherington Awards, or its team, highly enough. Aida Birch in particular is the most hardworking, busy and lovely woman you’ll have the pleasure of meeting, always taking the time to keep in touch with past entrants of the award.

The cover of this year’s book, which is always published with Welsh press Parthian, was designed by Sion Thomas Owen, also the man behind the caricatures that surface across Facebook whenever a literary event has passed.

You can order a copy of Cheval 10 from Amazon to read some of the fantastic entries to this year’s prize, including three of my own poems and one short story, which you can also see via this website.



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