I landed in your outstretched palms,
leapfrogged towards you,
cooked like hot broth, served to ease your hunger.

My creamy bust bloomed to nourish your thirst,
my budlips softened to meet yours,
I was broom and oak and you embraced me like an insect
around its prey.

You left me waiting in the dark,
calling out like an owl,
I wrapped my feathers around my own tired body
and   waited, and   called  .

I turned your absence into a headdress,
pruned hawthorne and primrose
and wore it as a crown
around my throbbing skull.

I opened myself, unfolded
so that he could fill the empty space,
We grew together towards the sun
as he touched my milk-skin
and kissed the crushed lilac leaves of my clothes.

His limbs wrapped like branches,
bold as wood around my waist,
the silence you left behind
nibbling like ivory teeth at my earlobe.

imagesThis poem appears in Parthian’s Cheval 10.