The Lies Within by Jane Isaac: Book Review

The Lies Within by Jane Isaac: Book Review

The Lies Within by Jane Isaac

‘She felt a pull to get up, move the clock hand back, wipe away events of the last twenty minutes as if it had never happened.’

Star Rating 4 and a half Star Rating

Hot on the heels of Isaac’s most recent novel, Beneath the Ashes, DI Will Jackman is back and ready to tackle another case. With his hand still smarting from his heroic journey in to a burning building, Jackman must trace an unkown killer before he strikes again.

When Grace Daniels’ daughter, Jo, is killed on the night of a family wedding, Grace is left distraught and confused. Why would anyone want to harm her daughter? Will Jackman is called in to investigate, but with little in the way of evidence and no new leads, the investigation quickly reaches a dead end, leaving Grace bereft.

She finds solace in the companionship of an old school friend, Faye, who re-emerges just in the nick of time, before Grace spirals out of control. Having recently suffered a loss of her own, Faye seems to understand Grace’s struggle. Just as Grace is beginning to recover the fragments of her life, however, another victim is uncovered, and this time, the spotlight is cast on her.

Will DI Jackman be able to find the real killer before Grace is convicted of a crime she didn’t commit? Once again, Jackman enters Grace’s story with baggage of his own – this human element is something I treasure in Isaac’s work and aspire to in my own writing. Wife Alice’s health is failing, daughter Celia is moving away for work and Jackman is again caught in the throws of guilt over his feelings for Carmela, who re-emerges in this novel and niggles at our detective throughout. Over time, I’ve become invested in this ‘will-they-won’t-they’ relationship – I hope she makes another appearance in the next installment…

The Lies Within is Isaac’s longest novel, the third in the Will Jackman series, and my favourite to date. Most impressive, it comes only 6 months following the release of Isaac’s last novel, Beneath the Ashes. The novel has undertones of Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard, which was recently adapted for television by the BBC. This is a story you don’t want to miss…

The Lies Within was launched on May 2nd and is part of Legend Press’ May Book Tour. Order the book from Legend Press in paperback or ebook here

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The Magician’s Lie by Greer Macallister: Book Review

The Magician’s Lie by Greer Macallister: Book Review

The Magician’s Lie by Greer Macallister

‘Terrified and threatened, I lashed out with all my strength and loosed a waterfall of blood from a fellow human being’s body.’


Star Rating a-star-rating-4

Already a bestseller in the USA, Greer Macallister’s novel has been acquired by Legend Press and is now taking the UK by storm. But with a strong female lead and a gruesome death at its heart, is it a love story, a murder mystery, or a harrowing tale about the trials and tribulations of growing up?

In the early twentieth century, The Amazing Arden is the most notorious female illusionist around. She is renowned for the taboo act of sawing a man in half – an illusion never before performed by a woman, especially not with a man as the victim. When the young police officer, Virgil Holt, lurks in the audience on the evening Arden picks up a fire axe instead of her usual saw, he sees more than he bargained for. The plot quickly spirals, with The Amazing Arden suspected of murder and determined to tell her story from start to finish.

The story is told in two arcs – the present day narrative in which Holt attempts to interrogate Arden, and the narrative our suspect spools like a magician’s handkerchief throughout the night, a story of deception, loss, love and rising stardom. The young woman’s story kept me gripped throughout, each new passage of her life taking me a step closer to the conclusion, and the truth about who really murdered her husband.

Arden’s most difficult trials come at the hands of her faux-cousin, the arrogant Ray, who plagues and haunts her throughout her teenage years and adult life. It’s worth mentioning that the book gets a little gory at times, primarily due to violence at the hands of Ray – if, like me, you’re likely to faint at the mention of broken bones, be prepared to read these passages lying down!

Once again, Legend Press have acquired a title with strong feminist undertones. Arden is a strong-willed woman from the get-go. Determined to make a name for herself as a stage performer, she paves her own way, unwilling to let anyone hinder her efforts. Love is not taken lightly, nor forgiveness granted easily – Arden is a woman whose trust must be earned. Equally, she is a woman willing to sacrifice everything for those she holds dear.

The detailed exploration of illusions which captivate a nineteenth century audience are just as captivating to the reader – long-limbed dancers, girls in beautiful sequin dresses, tame tigers, identical twins, fire and smoke run like a string of lights through this visually enchanting novel. An alluring and satisfying read.

The Magician’s Lie was launched in Hardback in the UK on April 3rd and is part of Legend Press’ April Book Tour.

Order the book from Legend Press in paperback or ebook here.

Poems and Pints!


Poems & Pints
We invite you all to a night of poetry, music and beer at Gartholwg Lifelong Learning Centre, Church Village, Pontypridd on Friday 24th March 2017.

Artists: Dave Lewis, Rob Cullen, Gerhard Kress, Elizabeth Rhian Elizabeth, Mari Ellis Dunning, Cara Cullen and guests…

This FREE event will give a warm welcome to all poets.

‘Open Mic’ – so come along and read us your work!

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Children’s book tour

Children’s book tour

We’re taking Percy on a little tour around Mid and West Wales this April, with stops at Rhyader Library, Aberystwyth Library, Siop y Pethe and some local schools. As always, there’ll be arts and crafts and opportunity to buy a signed copy of the book in English and Welsh.

Mis Ebrill eleni, mi fyddwn yng nganol Cymru ac yn y Gorllewin yn darllen stori Persi, gan cynnwys Llyfrgell Rhaeadr, Llyfrgell Aberystwyth a Siop y Pethe. Cadwch lygad ar ein cyfryngau cymdeithasol am fwy o fanylion – croeso cynnes i bawb!

Get in touch if you’d like us to stop off near you!

Why I love Penny Shorts

Why I love Penny Shorts
Penny Shorts:  the best new voices in fiction

They say there’s no such thing as a free meal, but with Penny Shorts, you really can have your cake and eat it too. Or rather, you can download quality short stories and read them on the bus.

Edited by Cathy Horlick, Penny Shorts offers unlimited free short stories of up to 10,000 words, absolutely free to read and enjoy.

How it works:

Authors submit their stories to the editor. They are then screened and carefully selected, meaning everything you download will be of high quality. Revenue comes through advertising and is distributed amongst authors/contributors annually – you can read more about this process in the FAQs.

Penny Shorts is great for writers and readers alike – it’s a unique way to discover new talent and read work by writers you may not have heard of. Stories range from Romance to Thriller, so there’s something for everyone.

I love Penny Shorts because of this. Whether you’re a bus or rail commuter needing a mundane journey brightened, a mum up feeding in the small hours, a traveller, backpacker, holidaymaker or just someone with time to kill, Penny Shorts will get you through!

Why am I promoting Penny Shorts? Because I think it’s a great initiative – who doesn’t want lovely ebook nuggets to dip in and out of!? The more we spread the word about Penny Shorts, the more revenue authors will receive, leading to more high-quality submissions and so on…

So, tell the retired people who fancy a break from the gardening, and all coffee drinkers who are sitting in Starbucks with nothing to read, and are fed up with checking work emails or their friends’ mendacious facebook updates. Tell everyone!

Penny Shorts are on Facebook and Twitter. You can find my contributions here, or search for any author you like!