Water Goddess

Water Goddess

Careful, she follows the moon, chasing the shoreline
towards the tide, a storm of heels, calves, packed sand.

__________She moulds the tired seabed with her footprints,
__________presses her toes in to the tapestry of mussels and clams,

__________________Cool water swallows up the imprints of her arches,
__________________gulps down any earthly trace of her, the wind whipping

___________the clothes from her body, scattering fabric like seaweed.
___________Nearby, a crow watches with a marble eye, calls ‘bran, bran,’

its feathery musings soft and sweet, its voice a song – –
she turns a goodbye, opens her arms wide as caverns,

___________plunges backwards in to the sea, lets the waves engulf her,
___________smiles at Creiddylad, Amphitrite, Salacia, joins them.