You Said It All

You Said It All 

‘Is it something I did?’
           ‘We’ve been through this so many times Jen.’
         ‘I just need you to be honest with me. Is it my fault? It’s my fault isn’t it.’ A statement, not a question.
           ‘No, Jen.’
           ‘It’s nothing you did. It’s just us, we’ve just drifted okay?’
           ‘I haven’t drifted anywhere.’ Mumbled. ‘Are you sure? Are you sure we can’t –‘
           ‘For Christ sake! I am not having this conversation again.’
           ‘I love you.’
           ‘Then why are you doing this?’
           ‘Doing what?’
           ‘Holding on like this. You need to drop it. It’s over. That’s it.’
           ‘I know! It’s just that  – well, I can change. If you just tell me what I did wrong… what you want me to change… I can – Wait! Don’t go, don’t leave me.’ Voice cracks.
           ‘No. That’s it. I’ve had enough.’
           ‘We weren’t even together long. Jesus Christ!’
           ‘But – but I need you. You said you needed me too. You said you loved me.’
           ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you feel this way. I’m sorry you’re upset. But – ‘
           ‘I need you.’
           ‘ – this isn’t even about me is it though Jen? This is about you.’
           ‘What? I don’t kn-’
           ‘You don’t need me. You just need, full stop.’
           ‘That’s not t-‘
           ‘And that’s not what I need.’
           ‘And what about what I need!? I’ll do something stupid if you go! I can’t live without you! I’ll die! I’ll die without you! Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! I can change! I can be better! I can!’
           He looks disgusted.
           ‘Look, I’m sorry about what I said! I’m sorry – I don’t mean to revert to emotional blackmail! Let’s just forget it, okay? I love you and I know you love me so let’s just work this out. Don’t leave me. Don’t-’
           She clutches his arm. His sleeve.
           ‘I’m going.’
           ‘You can’t –’
           ‘I’m going.’
           ‘No I –’
           Useless. He was gone before he left.

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