The Truth About Alice

The Truth About Alice

I offer her tea, ‘Would you like some tea?’ She would. ‘Change places!’ We need to change places, to stand up, shake it off and shimmy around the table. My knee grazes her thigh. ‘Change back!’ Nimble limbs stretch out like elastic as she returns to her seat, her dress billowing about her as though she was free falling. A curious child. Long dark hair frames her nymph like face. I take a deep steadying breath. ‘Would you like me to tell you a story?’ She would. She terrifies me. She’s a child beyond her years, questioning, curious, impertinent, intelligent. Passionate. I see her blue dress glide along her thigh, silky smooth. Her pale thigh. Pale and porcelain and almost hairless. These are the inclinations of my sinful heart. ‘I’ll tell you a story.’ I tell her about the Jabberwok. Beware! ‘The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!’ Her toy rabbit sits on the table, and I scoop it up. ‘Hello Mr March Hare!! Tea for you sir?’ She giggles, a sweet sensual noise, like music notes carried up in to the clouds. Canderwok forgive me. ‘I’d like to take photos of you some time. Maybe you could wear your yellow dress – Change places!’ I propel myself upwards and knock my teacup flying. I love her like my own. Her hair smells like coconut oil and sweat. She smiles at me, her funny rhyming friend. Her Charles. Mad as a hatter. ‘Who’s for more tea?’download

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  1. Sian De-Manuel says:

    Fab !!! Want to read more. xx

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