And She Was Gone

And She Was Gone

We met on the beach. We stayed up all night talking. I never believed in love at first sight or any of that crap but this girl was different. There was something about her. We didn’t rush things. We never even kissed. Just talked. Everything she said just made me feel totally connected to her – it might sound stupid now, but you weren’t there. I bet you’ve never felt that way have you? So I guess you wouldn’t get it. My friends had gone back to the hotel and her friends were lingering some way along by the sea. You never can get a girl away from her friends can you? They’re like a herd of cattle. Don’t tell her I said that though, she might take it the wrong way.
         We sat together, our hands touching every now and again and listened to the sea creeping further and further in, and the gulls calling above, and the drunk tourists laughing and joking. I remember the smell of salt and seaweed mingled with her sweet expensive perfume. I remember the smell of Barcadi on her breath. I remember the way her hair touched her shoulder and stayed there. I remember the way I felt electricity stirring in my stomach as we sat on the sand and chatted.
          But I barely remember her face.                                               
The next morning, when I told the boys about her they thought I was making it all up. They thought I’d spent the night unconscious on the sand. Some ‘friends.’ They’d wandered off back to the hotel thinking I was passed out pissed on the beach. 
 Could’ve bloody drowned if that had been the case. Honestly, they’re convinced I was alone. ‘Never saw you with anyone mate. Especially not a girl.’ Anyway, I didn’t take her number and now she’s gone. We’re flying home tomorrow, and I may never see her again. 


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