15. The Pet

The Pet

“Everybody come and see,
The man we call ‘gluttony’,
His head a pin atop his shoulders,
Two thighs like stone boulders,
Waving arms like juicy hams,
Forced to please admiring fans,
Pay to see the lumbering fool
as he sits upon his stool,
Crammed in his cage he can’t hide
the dimples covering his backside,
Quivering fat like strawberry jelly,
The rolling world of his belly
Suffocates him as he snoozes,
Cracked red skin splits and oozes,
Folded flesh, rots in sweat,
The ring master loves his pet,
Laugh at this giant, gape at ‘the beast’,
Gawk while he consumes his feast.
Pay a few shillings and you’ll see
A man trying desperately
To get up, to move around,
Struggling to get off the ground;
Ladies and gentlemen, hear my call,
One day soon, the monster will fall!
Overweighed by his lardy crescent –
You will all want to be present.”

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