12. Vivienne


Am I not female?
The mirror shows
a soft round face,
delicate features,
full of grace.
Am I not a woman?
My breasts are supple
And firm,
I can wish for better things
And I can yearn.
Am I not lovely?
My waist is small,
My legs are thin,
But with this obscurity
I am a living sin.
Don’t you think me beautiful?
My eyes are big,
my lashes long,
I can flutter like a butterfly
But that seems wrong.
Am I not a lady?
I can pout and simper,
It doesn’t take much,
Brush my hair,
Finesse, powder, blush.
Am I a man?
The dense growth on my face
Cannot be shaved or plucked,
Five o’clock shadow
On my chin, obstructs.
Am I a man?
Strong calves,
Armpit hair,
Facial mutation,
Why do you stare?
Am I what I am?
And what is that?
A woman, a man,
A dog, a cat?
Am I not human?
With body parts in the right place,
Circus freak travelling free,
The only way to be
accepted as me.

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