11. One of Them

One of Them

Leave me to join them then –
Nipple tassels and bare arses,
Round, ruddy cheeks,
Double headed sluts,
Multiple orgasms I suppose?
Take your tattoos and your joints
and show them to the world,
Show them to the boy,
and to the girl with candyfloss in her hair,
Let the old women coo and ooh and ah
at the shooting stars inked on your forehead,
Show your blue-dyed hair
and the tunnelled rings in your ears
to the congregation,
Carve an ‘A’ on your chest,
The cheering of the crowd is getting loud now
but they’d back away if they saw you
on the street;
Darling, you would scare them.
Pictured, patterned skin,
inked in,
colourful mess of a man;
Flamboyant freaks, nipple tassels
and bare arses –
You’re one of them now.

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