Poetry Review


Poetry Review

When you’re not part of a structured writing programme it can be difficult to get the kind of feedback you need to take your work to the next level, (that’s why I’m part of a poetry group!) Send me a selection of your poetry and I’ll provide tailored individual feedback, suggestions and comments.

How does it work?

  • Get in touch and we’ll have a conversation about your voice, themes and what you’re trying to achieve with your poetry.
  • Then, you’ll send me your poems in a document (Word, Pages, PDF etc) and I’ll look over them, mark them up via track changes, and add comments which you can of course choose to accept or reject.
  • We’ll have a conversation via video chat or over email or messenger, (whichever you’re most comfortable with), and you’ll be able to ask questions about the changes and feedback I’ve provided.
  • We can address form, structure, tone, clarity and phrasing.
  • I’m also happy to recommend upcoming competitions and give some pointers on submitting to a publishing house.


£50 for up to 6 poems