Dissertation Proofreading


Dissertation Proofreading Service

You’ve worked hard throughout your years at university and you’re busy writing that all-important final piece – the dissertation. It’s vital to get it right, and to submit the best possible piece of work you can, free of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, clumsy language or jarring sentences. That’s where I come in!

Why me?
Having achieved a First Class Honours Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing followed by a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, as well as tutoring GSCE students in English Language and Literature, I am competent and confident in the written language in all its forms, and particularly in essay writing. I know what scholars are looking for in original research such as dissertations, as well as how to present the work correctly.


£150 per 10,000 word dissertation

“You’ve been so helpful, I’m really happy with my dissertation!” – 3rd year American Studies student

“The tweaks to language made a huge difference to the overall academic quality of my dissertation – thank you!” – 2nd year medical student