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Mari began writing in earnest as an adolescent, when putting pen to paper was a way to express herself and work through her issues creatively. She now works full time as a writer and has recently published a children’s book, (Percy the Pompom Bear), about a fuzzy purple bear who is searching for a friend. She has been busy reading the story to teeny tiny school children who love to help perform the sounds and actions of the characters, always brightening her day with their fantastic questions and quips. Mari tends to be found at any Cardiff-based coffee shop, drinking a Caramel Macchiato and scribbling poetry across any responsive surface. Ahead of only chocolate, Mari’s favourite thing in the whole world is the loving four legged friend we know as the ‘dog.’

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Percy Smile

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Percy is trying desperately to find a friend. Being the only pompom bear in the woods, all hairy and purple, he has a hard time discovering friends that are like him. Percy meets a boy in the woods, and together they are determined to find one of his own kind for him to play with.

The bear and the boy soon discover that there is more to friendship than they had first thought, and similarities can always be found if you look hard enough for them. Find out more about Percy the Pompom Bear.

How the Broken Live

When a young girl vanishes without trace from Gloucester’s annual Halloween festival, DC Elissa Cole finds herself thrown in at the deep end of a murder investigation. With no leads, Elissa must find a way to track down Aurelia’s killer while juggling single parenthood, workplace difficulties and a barrage of pressure from the media.

Meanwhile, an elderly lady sits at home watching the news unfold on television. Does she know more than she’s letting on?

See an excerpt from this debut crime novel.


“Her skin reflects the snow on the ground; her lips are so scarlet they look blood-stained. I imagine chewing my own lip until it becomes blood-covered and beautiful like hers.”

Between the Sheets is a short collection of rewritten fairy tales, ranging from Sleeping Beauty to Alice in Wonderland. Psychoanalytic theory plays an important part in uncovering and bringing to light the latent content in these traditional tales. The dark and sensual collection ‘Between the Sheets’ has some wonderfully weird editions of familiar short stories.

The collection is available to download here, and was longlisted for the Grist’s Chapbook Competition 2013. Find out more about this title.


“The sea was loud and roaring as the wind picked up and the weather grew gloomier. On one side, rolling hills grew from the ground like fat bellies, swollen and sore. A baby was crying somewhere. Or was it a bird?”

Struck is a novella about a man and his demons. When aspiring writer Gareth receives some terrible news, he flees from daily life and takes refuge in a disused caravan park on the eerie outskirts of the Welsh coast, where he intends to work on his novel. Will Gareth outrun the ghosts of his past, or will he face them head on?

Struck is available to read hereFind out more about this chilling ghost story.



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