Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets: A Fairy Tale Collection

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“Her skin reflects the snow on the ground; her lips are so scarlet they look blood-stained. I imagine chewing my own lip until it becomes blood-covered and beautiful like hers.”

Between the Sheets is a short collection of rewritten fairy tales, ranging from Sleeping Beauty to Alice in Wonderland. Psychoanalytic theory plays an important part in uncovering and bringing to light the latent content in these traditional tales. The dark and sensual collection ‘Between the Sheets’ has some wonderfully weird editions of familiar short stories.

The collection is available to download here, and was longlisted for the Grist’s Chapbook Competition 2013. Read the blog post on this title here.

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  1. It’s a terrifying story, I think being afraid of counsellors and psychologists is something most people share, and the idea of experiencing something and no one believing you is another, so combining the two is clever of you. I like how you talk about how little Alice trust’s the man, which happens to everyone who sees a counsellor I think, despite their reasons why.

  2. Thankyou very much, that’s always lovely to hear! With any luck the full stories will be released soon!

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