The Lies Within by Jane Isaac: Book Review

The Lies Within by Jane Isaac

‘She felt a pull to get up, move the clock hand back, wipe away events of the last twenty minutes as if it had never happened.’

Star Rating 4 and a half Star Rating

Hot on the heels of Isaac’s most recent novel, Beneath the Ashes, DI Will Jackman is back and ready to tackle another case. With his hand still smarting from his heroic journey in to a burning building, Jackman must trace an unkown killer before he strikes again.

When Grace Daniels’ daughter, Jo, is killed on the night of a family wedding, Grace is left distraught and confused. Why would anyone want to harm her daughter? Will Jackman is called in to investigate, but with little in the way of evidence and no new leads, the investigation quickly reaches a dead end, leaving Grace bereft.

She finds solace in the companionship of an old school friend, Faye, who re-emerges just in the nick of time, before Grace spirals out of control. Having recently suffered a loss of her own, Faye seems to understand Grace’s struggle. Just as Grace is beginning to recover the fragments of her life, however, another victim is uncovered, and this time, the spotlight is cast on her.

Will DI Jackman be able to find the real killer before Grace is convicted of a crime she didn’t commit? Once again, Jackman enters Grace’s story with baggage of his own – this human element is something I treasure in Isaac’s work and aspire to in my own writing. Wife Alice’s health is failing, daughter Celia is moving away for work and Jackman is again caught in the throws of guilt over his feelings for Carmela, who re-emerges in this novel and niggles at our detective throughout. Over time, I’ve become invested in this ‘will-they-won’t-they’ relationship – I hope she makes another appearance in the next installment…

The Lies Within is Isaac’s longest novel, the third in the Will Jackman series, and my favourite to date. Most impressive, it comes only 6 months following the release of Isaac’s last novel, Beneath the Ashes. The novel has undertones of Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard, which was recently adapted for television by the BBC. This is a story you don’t want to miss…

The Lies Within was launched on May 2nd and is part of Legend Press’ May Book Tour. Order the book from Legend Press in paperback or ebook here

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