“She believed she could, so she did…”

My moodboard and why it works:

Moodboards are a visualisation tool to help keep us focussed and inspired. I’m posting this one here for my own benefit, as well as using it as my iPad wallpaper. Creating a collage like this helps me to stay positive about my goals and ambitions, and even helps me to realise what those goals are.

Like the board I posted back in March, this doesn’t need a whole lot of explaining. It’s all about my personal hopes, aims and desires. I found this to be an incredibly helpful technique last time, and achieved many of the things I’d set out to, including winning the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award for a short story titled ‘Cartref.’

I’d encourage anyone to give this a go – mapping your story out in this way is a means of attracting what you want. Essentially, know what you want, then utilise the power of the universe and the laws of attraction. Keep focussed, put it out there and reap the rewards afterwards!

Most importantly, believe that you can.

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