Catching Kindness in Cardiff

On my way into the indycube office this morning, everything was up in the air. The dogs were yipping, I was in a hurry and there were people to contact and emails to respond to. It wasn’t until the train was chugging away from Cadoxton station that I realised my mistake… I’d forgotten my handbag.

In a panic, I called my Mum, although I knew there was nothing she would be able to do. (I suppose it’s just an in-built panic station system!) I had everything I needed for work, my laptop, my notebook, my lunch, and luckily my phone – just no keys and no purse. As soon as I reasoned that the guards wouldn’t be able to lock me in the station, like Tom Hanks in Terminal, I calmed down and figured it would work out.

That was the moment a kind man who had overheard me on the phone offered to buy my ticket. This small act of kindness set me up smiling for the day, and inspired me to do something kind myself. Kindness, I realised, is catching, and much needed at the moment.

It’s this sort of thing that I particularly love about Cardiff, and South Wales in general – the place I call home. Perhaps this would have happened anywhere, perhaps not and I would have found myself stranded at the station barriers. Either way, my faith in humanity, generosity and community has been revived today.

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