Story telling for children with autism

How can story telling help support children who struggle to fit in?Percy Pompom- Full Cover- 11.02.16

Storytelling is the oldest form of communication. Stories invest our lives with meaning and help us to express our creativity. As children, especially, we learn how to view the world through the stories we are told. For children with emotional, physical or behavioural difficulties, resonating with a story can mean the difference between understanding and self-acceptance, and living in an isolated and lonely world.

When I wrote Percy the Pompom Bear, I wasn’t thinking about any of this. I was just writing a story about a sad and lonely little bear who needs a friend. Along comes a little boy, and together, the pair set off to find another of Percy’s kind, someone who looks and talks and walks just like him.

12571332_1094460643937732_1955166349_n copyThe two embark on a woodland adventure, meeting many creatures along the way, and eventually learn that friendship and acceptance can always be found when you go looking for it.

It’s been pointed out to me recently that this book will work particularly well as a tool for children who have been diagnosed with spectrum disorders, such as autism, as well as any children who may feel that they struggle to fit in. The idea that Percy could help children at a difficult period during their lives is the cherry on top for me as a writer.

Preorder the book, which will be released at the end of April, or preorder internationally if you live outside of the UK.

Visit the Percy bear website for more on the book, upcoming events and how to get in touch.

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Try these links if you or someone you know is struggling with a pending or recent diagnosis:
Autism Puzzles
The National Autistic Society Cymru
ASD Info Wales

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