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Author captures the essence of friendship in this heart-warming, debut children’s book!

Percy is trying desperately to find a friend, but being the only pompom bear in the woods, all hairy and purple, he has a hard time discovering any that are like him. When Percy meets a boy in the woods, together they become determined to find one of his own kind for him to play with.
The bear and the boy soon discover that there is more to friendship than they had first thought, and that similarities can always be found if you look hard enough for them!

Mari Ellis Dunning is an author from South Wales who loves nothing more than sitting down and letting her vivid, childlike imagination run free as she puts pen to paper. She especially enjoys telling stories about friendship and nature. Percy the Pompom Bear is her first children’s book. Her favourite kind of animal happens to be dogs, although she sometimes wishes Percy was real!

Jodie Walters is an illustrator from a tiny island called St Helena. She specialises in emotive, abstract artwork and cartoons, and decided to work on Percy the Pompom Bear after reading it and falling in love with the title character.

Pre order now from Rowanvale Books, and be the first to receive your copy of the book at the end of April!

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