100 Word Story Competition

mar16-2d_coverReader’s Digest UK recently put out a call for flash fiction of exactly 100 words. The response they had was immense, with thousands of high-quality entries. Judges have finally made a decision and revealed a shortlist of stories, from which the final winner in each category will be chosen. The best bit is, the choice is yours to make!

You can read the stories here, and cast your vote too! Voting closes at 1pm on March 28th. You have until then to choose your favourite!

Want more short stories? Here are my four 100 hundred word pieces!

Y Môr

They ran along the sand like a pack of dogs, their tiny soft feet kicking golden grains up and outwards. Dora in front, as always, Milo right behind her, and, trailing along, trying desperately to keep up with her siblings, was Ray. I smiled at the high, tinkling laughter that carried on the wind back to me, washing over my ears like warm water. Fierce as ever, little Ray tripped and stumbled along, her feet sucking and sinking, squelching in the deeper, wet sand.  ‘C’mon, Mum,’ came the call from ahead, as three lithe bodies slowed. ‘Try to catch us!’

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