How to Title a Crime Novel?

and_then_there_were_none_cover-2Bizarrely, it seems to me as though the most difficult part of writing a novel is choosing a good title! Since completing my first novel, which I suppose would be categorised as ‘crime,’ I’ve been struggling to give it an appropriate title.

A title should reel the reader in, it should stand out on a book shelf and demand attention. It should sum up the story, without giving anything away. It’s also important to me that my book title is layered – I want something with depth to it.

The working title of my crime story was ‘Fragmented,’ which worked on many levels. The narrative is fragmented, written in short bursts and split between viewpoints. The characters find themselves, for one reason or another, in fragments, and the story makes several references to this. However, I’ve not seen many crime stories with one word titles, and so I’m trying my best to think of something more suitable.

Although the novel is a crime story, for me, it’s about people, the characters and their lives. The story explores the effects that one criminal act can have on so many people, and so I have something about a ripple or domino effect in mind.

Here are my ideas so far:

  • The Girl with the Horns
  • The Truth About God
  • The Killing Effect 
  • The God Effect
  • A Killing Mind
  • Fragmented
  • The Hollow Cross
  • The Girl who Disappeared
  • Pieces of Us
  • A Cross to Bear
  • The Bone Fragments
  • Wings of a Butterfly
  • The Girl with Wings
  • When We Lost You
  • The Truth About Us

It’s probably worth noting the overarching themes of the novel – these are religion, love, death, loss, sin, guilt and memory.

Any thoughts or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!! Please leave me a comment with your suggestions ❤

UPDATE: Based on feedback, I’ve narrowed my choice down to two titles. These are ‘Quiet Bones‘ and ‘The Fragments.’

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