Managing Anxiety at Work in the Information Age

It’s 2016 and we’re living in the information age, a time of fast-paced, instant, on-demand information. Of course, this can be really handy, but it can also be a pain, especially when we’re receiving information we’re not looking for.

Lily_flower_on_white_backgroundWe’ve got phones, tablets, laptops and even watches that send us constant notifications. For those of us living with mental health issues like anxiety and depression, work can be a struggle, and these frequent interruptions can be a nuisance at best, and at worst, distressing.

What can we do to enjoy the beneficial aspects of progressive technology, without getting bogged down in a constant barrage of demands on our time? Here are three really simple coping techniques that help me work through anxiety and fibromyalgia on a daily basis:

  1. Get to the gym
    Exercise increases our endorphins, channels our excess adrenaline and is almost meditative. When our bodies are physically challenged, it’s difficult for our minds to worry, stress or ruminate. Going to the gym for half an hour before getting on with the rest of my day makes a huge difference to me. Although getting your trainers on and dragging yourself to the gym is easier said than done when you’d rather be hibernating, it’s well worth it – I guarantee you’ll feel better afterwards, and go into work feeling revived.

  2. Change your notification settings
    Constant alerts are enough to put anyone on edge – if your social media feeds go off as often as mine do, you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s like an alarm. Unsubscribe from needless junk mail, and set your phone to only ‘bleep’ when it’s important. I keep my emails set to silent, knowing that I will see my phone screen light up if anything comes through. There’s a lot to be said for the days in which we had to get into the office and boot up the computer before looking through our emails, keeping work firmly where it belongs.

  3. orchid_flower_white_branch_background_35167_2560x1600Accept yourself as you are
    I’m writing this post during a mid-afternoon slump which has reminded me why I rarely keep standard hours, but instead work whenever is best for me. I have frequent bursts of creativity, with my most alert time being late at night. If you’re suffering with any kind of health condition, from anxiety to depression or fibromyalgia. it’s important to recognise and accept your limitations. Get to know yourself and do what works for you.

Hopefully, these three things that help me will help others too. And when all else fails, remember, this too shall pass.



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