The long awaited publication of Percy the Pompom Bear!


Last summer, I wrote a post about finding happiness by making things happen, (with a lot of determination and a sprinkle of luck, of course!) I hinted at the possibility of publishing a children’s book that I wrote a few years back, since I had met an artist who was interested in illustrating the story. You can check that post out here.

Now, after much perseverance, Percy the Pompom Bear is finally in the printing stages! I can’t explain how much this silly little story means to me after all this time, and how excited I am to see my furry little character coming to life. I can’t wait to share him with all of you!

The whole process has flagged up one thing for me, primarily, and that is the power of vulnerability when it comes to success. When I stopped butting my head and trying to go it alone, sending off my manuscript to publishers and agents in the hopes that someone would take it on without illustrations, I actually started to get somewhere.

OwlWithout Jodie Walters, none of this would be possible, but she’s only the beginning of the story…. In this venture, I’ve utilised anyone and everyone possible! We’re publishing through Rowanvale Books, who have been great so far, providing plenty of support and advice. My nan is currently knitting some characters for me to take along to book readings, (mice, foxes and the like,) while one friend has made a needle felt Percy bear and another is in the process of building a website for him!

I’m very lucky to have had so much moral and emotional support throughout this journey, not to mention friends who have talent I most definitely do not – it just goes to show what can happen when you take a step back and let others help you out. The video below, featuring Brene Brown, gives an awesome account of this and is worth a watch if you’ve got five minutes to spare.

In the mean time, watch this space for more news and updates on Percy! We’ll be launching in April at the Abergavenny Writing Festival, and from there, who knows!? Hopefully it’ll be onwards and upwards…

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  1. writerchick says:

    Well done Mari and congratulations! I love the illustration and look forward to your publication date. You could be the next children book sensation. Fingers crossed. 😀

    1. Thank you! I’m very excited but nervous too!! I guess you’ve got to go after what you want though, right? No use in sitting around and waiting for it all to fall into your lap! Your support means a lot 🙂

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