Why working together is the way forward… my experience of coworking

Thinking of joining a coworking space but not sure where to start? Over time, I’ve learned that working together is the only way to work – who wants to be alone all day long!? Here’s my honest account of coworking….

I enjoy working for myself, primarily because I don’t like being told what to do! I also benefit from keeping my own hours – I’m rubbish in the morning, and work best late at night when my mind is switched on and at its most creative. The downside of being self-employed and freelancing, however, is the isolation. I love my apartment, it’s great, and I do have a desk in the spare room which I can sit at. But you know what? It’s so boring!! When I stay at home, my mind wanders, my attention turns away and I don’t get half as much done as I can when I come into a coworking space.

What’s special about indycube?

There’s currently no indycube near my home in Gloucester, (the closest on the train line being Newport Central), and so I occasionally use the next best thing… an office situated close by. Although it gets me out of the house, I find the atmosphere increasingly dull. There’s very rarely anyone to talk to, and more than once I’ve found myself eye-rolling at corporate suits cold-calling customers to brag about themselves and their businesses. It’s a place with no heart and no soul, primarily filled with middle-aged men. Worst of all is the instant coffee.

For me, the atmosphere in indycube is something you can’t get anywhere else. Sitting in a room full of people, all busy and productive and working away, is fantastic. Last time I visit indycube Tradest, I had four lengthy conversations with different people about various interesting projects, including Ffoton’s new Urban Wales scheme, Veritii’s Virtual Reality platform, Kelly and Tom’s most recent Stories of the Streets incentive, and my own children’s book, (Percy the Pompom Bear,) which I’m working on with Rowanvale Books, and all before lunch!

I love being able to holler across the room at people, chatting and getting to know what others are working on. I love that there’s a mixture of men and women, that many people are a similar age to me and that no one is wearing a suit! (Not that I’m totally against suits, of course….)

Soon, I’ll be moving back to Cardiff, and when I do, I plan on taking up a regular desk of my own, which I will undoubtedly fill with goodies, nick-nacks and writing paraphernalia. I can’t wait to be able to use indycube and all the benefits it has to offer every day.

Being a writer doesn’t mean you have to work alone – using a shared environment provides inspiration and stimulation!

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  1. writerchick says:

    What a cool idea. I don’t think we have anything like that in the States. That really could be the best of both worlds. I’m also self employed and though I love that I don’t have to deal with office politics or overbearing bosses, I do miss the companionship of other humans.

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