Book Review: Mr Quin; Love and Death

Mr Quin; Love and Death by TELL productions, with Agatha Christie

‘Tonight is going to be a hoot…’


Star Rating 5 star

When Lady Laura Evesham and her husband Tom decide to host a highly-publicised party at their large manor house, some restless ghosts are unearthed. The press have a field day when they learn that the house once belonged to Tom’s now deceased best friend, Derek Caple. Laura Evesham aims to bring everyone back together, to reunite her friends in the house where Derek put a gun to his head, but she gets more than she bargained for…

Renowned and almost infamous blogger Mr Satterthwaite is persuaded to join the party – of course, this means he aims to spend the whole time live-tweeting from the event, sharing photos, video clips and messages with his followers. Christie’s well-known character Mr Quin is encouraged to make his appearance because of this online out-pouring. This time though, he’s brought to life through a very different means to Agatha Christie’s classic short stories.

Mr Quin is not a story like the others I’ve reviewed – rather than a book or a novel, the story is told via an app, which means that readers can be guests at the party, watching the mystery unfold alongside the characters themselves. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can use an on demand service to view the story, or choose to book into one of the live shows –  an immersive experience in which you can comment and contribute, interacting with the characters. This really is story-telling for the digital age, or the ‘iphone generation.’

Well written, diverse and thoroughly entertaining, Mr Quin will keep you gripped until the very end….

Mr Quin is available to download via Apple now – you’re all invited!

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