Being part of Mr Quin: interactive storytelling for the digital age

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been working with Kevin Moss, who has launched a brand new and innovative app which utilises video, instant messages and photos to retell the story of Mr Quin, adapted from Agatha Christie’s classic short stories, ‘The Mysterious Mr Quin.’

Following The Nightvision Experiment, which was released last year, Mr Quin is the first digital drama of its kind. Agatha Christie productions approached Kev’s company, TELL, soon after Nightvision launched on Twitter, hoping for a story with a similar voyeurisitc feel. Mr Quin allows viewers to peek into the lives of others in much the same way as we so often do on social media. Filmed primarily with GoPro cameras and iphones by the actors themselves, the whole experience is much more up close and personal than an ordinary televised production.

Viewers can catch up by using an on demand service, or choose to book into one of Mr Quin’s live shows – an immersive experience in which the players, or viewers, can comment and contribute, interacting with the characters. This really is story-telling for the digital age, or the ‘iphone generation.’ It’s also where I come in – providing the voice of these characters during the live shows, and talking to you, through them.

Mr Quin tells the story of a group of London socialites who have gathered for a celebration of Lady Laura’s new venture – the ominously titled Online blogger Mr Satterthwait captures moments from Lady Laura’s party and live-tweets from the event, until the mysterious Mr Quin makes his presence known, and begins to guide the characters towards a dark and sinister secret regarding the suicide of a mutual friend…

It’s great to see such an exciting and unique project as this coming out of Wales; being part of the beta experience for something so diverse has been amazing. (I got to view the app during its development, and even helped edit some of the story.) What’s crazy-exciting for me is that the show stars Gethin Anthony, known to Game of Thrones fans as Renly Baratheon! This really feels like being part of something absolutely huge, and I’m so excited to be involved.

To book for the live shows and become a guest in Lady Laura’s macabre party, download the app from the Apple store – then get ready to play. The first live show will be held on Sunday the 15th of November, with more shows running up until the end of the month. Each show starts at 8pm, but it’s worth logging in sooner to scroll back and check out some of the backstory – then just follow the timeline and interact with our characters as and when you please.  A highly recommended immersive story-telling experience!!

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