Struck: a Novella

When aspiring writer Gareth receives some terrible news, he flees from daily life and takes refuge in a disused caravan park, where he intends to work on his novel. Will Gareth outrun the ghosts of his past, or will he face them head on?


“Struck” is a ghost story I wrote as part of my MA in Creative Writing. Now that the work has been marked and the results released, I can finally put the piece online for horror fans to enjoy!

This genre was new for me, but as a writer who focusses often on character behaviour and psychology, I felt that a ghost story was a natural, though challenging, progression. Ghosts, I believe, often exist within our minds – we are haunted by our own actions, memories, regrets. “Struck” looks at this in closer detail – Gareth, my protagonist, is haunted by his decisions and past experiences. Although he tries to outrun his demons, he soon learns that the past always catches up…

Ghost stories, I soon realised, conform to strict genre conventions – they seem to exist in a world of their own, bound to certain codes that must be followed. The flip side of this is that stories can end up regurgitated and cliched – there are only so many haunted houses, dark nights and storms that can occur before the genre becomes tired. In “Struck,” Gareth heads out to a disused, out of season, caravan park, where he decides to spend time working on his novel. He is isolated and alone, and consequently in the perfect setting for a haunting.

I won’t give any more away just yet. You can read the story on Tablo – where you can also keep up with the rest of my writing.

And if you are reading alone, late at night, remember to leave the lights on 😉


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