Why Automated Direct Messages Are an Absolute Waste of Time

Are you inundated with Twitter’s automated direct messages? How many of these do you actually open, let alone read? Do you send them out yourself regardless of your experiences? At least half of the people, companies and brands I follow do this, and it is a poor marketing technique.

Why automated direct messages are the worst form of communication!

Nobody reads automatic DMs – the kind that start with a greeting and instantly follow up with a link or an offer. I receive so many of these messages every day that I often don’t even open the link.

The messages aren’t aimed at you personally. Brands who employ this technique don’t target individuals or select demographics – they send their automated 140 characters off into the ether  to anyone who’s clicked ‘follow….’

…and they’re totally redundant. When I follow someone on Twitter, it’s because I’ve looked at their profile, read their bio and chosen to follow them. It’s unlikely you’ll gain followers on Twitter who don’t know the first thing about you, so there’s really no need to bombard them with information about yourself via DM. If they want to know, they’ll ask.

Automated DMs clog your inbox and prevent you from seeing important messages which are actually addressed to you. This is, naturally, a pain in the bum and a waste of time!

What should you do about it?

With so many users online and so many people trying to sell, it really is worth being a little bit cleverer and more subtle with your sales tactics. Taking the time to send one targeted DM to someone who might actually be interested in what you have to offer will be so much more beneficial than sending ten random messages and hoping something might come of it.

Good marketing isn’t about following the crowd, so don’t employ this technique just because it’s the ‘done thing’ online!

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