Words Matter: 4 Amazing Reasons Hiring a Copywriter is Essential to your Website

Many people don’t realise that they need a copywriter when launching a business or a product online. Most people will skimp on the words in order to save money, focussing instead on image and web design. Below are a few reasons why copywriting is just as important as any other factor of a new business.

Good copywriting can boost sales – fact.

Not many people read a website thoroughly, word-for-word. Your customers are much more likely to scan, quickly gleaning the relevant information – if they don’t find it, they’ll swiftly hit ‘back’ and try a different site.

Good copywriters know how to sell, be it a product, a business, a brand, or themselves. We use headings, sub headings, bullet points and SEO keywords in order to target potential clients and produce visually stimulating work.

Because of this, hiring a copywriter to produce solid web copy will dramatically boost your sales potential.

Better copy will sell subtly.

Utilising the power of free online publishing through blog posts and popular social media sites will build your brand and connect you with potential clients and customers. The best way to do this is subtly – hiring a copywriter to work alongside you and write relevant blog posts about your business is a quiet but effective marketing tool with great outreach.

In the age of social media, copywriters these days should be on-trend and unafraid to utilise hot new topics. Sharing relevant and engaging blog content can quickly place your company on the map.

Great copy is tactical

Skilled copywriters know how to write for different mediums. Whether you are looking to produce a whole website, a sales page, a blog post or an infographic, a copywriter will know the best way to utilise the medium.

Bad copy is a turn-off.

I was shocked when I spoke to a web developer recently who told me many of his clients expect him to write their web copy. They assume that paying him to design and build a site includes the words that will go with it.

Of course, some web developers are copywriters too, and can provide this service for an additional charge, but don’t just assume that this is the case. Asking someone to do something which isn’t their job means it’s also not their priority. It’s always worth paying someone to write your copy alongside a web developer, especially since poor copy can lose customers.

Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, repetition and poor writing are all major turn-offs for potential clients.

So there you have it, a few reasons hiring a skilled copywriter will pay for itself through engaging content and brand recognition.

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