Get Happy: Passion, luck and making things happen

If you don’t change direction, you may end up where you’re heading…


Last night, there was a bumble bee trapped in my apartment. I watched him trying relentlessly to get through the skylight, which I am too short to reach up and open, (even when I’m standing on a chair… #shortpeopleproblems). Again and again, he bashed his fluffy little body against the glass, probably wondering why he could see the outside but was unable to reach the outside.

Eventually, the bee grew tired, and had to fly downwards, where he was able to see the two open windows and get back outside. Watching him, I felt inspired. I realised that, like a bee, I have been trying to reach my goals in a way which hasn’t worked in the past, and is unlikely to start working all of a sudden, just because I bash harder against the glass.

CHjHEvgWsAA_M2n.jpg-largeA couple of years ago, I wrote a children’s book. I spent the summer between my first and second year of University sending the manuscript off to numerous publishers and agents, all of which I carefully researched first. I had no luck, and, disappointed, quickly gave up on the idea of ever taking the story anywhere. For one reason or another, nobody wanted it.

Until a week or so ago, when I was contacted by a very talented artist named Jodie, who was interested in my writing. I showed the manuscript to Jodie, who enjoyed the story and set about drawing a few sketches.

I like to think of this as serendipity. With a bit of faith, a positive attitude and a sprinkle of luck, anything is possible. Now that I have an artist in tow, I am going to try again to publish my story, and you know what? If nobody wants it, we’ll publish it ourselves!

Like the bees, we sometimes have to take a step back, stop pushing so hard for something that isn’t working, and try a different tactic. Sometimes we have to fly downwards in order to get up again.

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