Perspectives: Insanity, Weakness, Rebellion, New Space

Interesting take on madness in 20th Century women

Women & Madness

While reading through various criticism and literature, I came across a variety of different perspectives on the topic of women and madness in the 20th century.  While some are more popular than others, all deserve attention as valuable ways of understanding madness.  HysteriaFor ease, I have organized my thoughts into four distinct categories: insanity, weakness, rebellion, and new space.  I do not intend to suggest that one reason behind madness is more valid than the next but rather to bring to light the different perspectives on madness that can be used to analyze the appearance of madness in the 2oth century.

True madness, irrationality.  In the case of madness as true insanity or irrationality, it is undeniable that cases exist.  Women can have schizophrenia, be sociopaths or psychopaths and even serial killers.  In the 1966 medical article entitled “Epidemic Hysteria,” “symptoms occur within a unified group against a background…

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