Between the Sheets: Book Release

Between the Sheets: a Fairy Tale Collection

You may already have seen the page on this blog about the work in progress, Between the Sheets. Well, I’ve finally released it as a short collection in the form of an ebook! The book can be downloaded from Amazon as an ebook for the Kindle or straight to your PC, for only £2.18.

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The short collection begins with a modern-day interpretation of Sleeping Beauty, includes a short piece of dramatic monologue from the mind of Prince Charming in Snow White, moves on to Rapunzel and ends with a scenario in which Alice is relating her journey through Wonderland to a psychiatrist. I’ve even included a short essay at the end, titled ‘Fairy Tales, Freud, and Writing the Self,’ in which I discuss the processes of researching and writing the collection.

The work is only a small collection, a sample of work, which I believe encapsulates my unique style and taste. Hopefully, it will lead to bigger and better things! But for now, please download and enjoy the wonderfully weird Between the Sheets.

‘Between the Sheets’ is a short collection of Fairy Tale spin-offs, ranging from Sleeping Beauty to Alice in Wonderland. Psychoanalytic theory plays an important part in uncovering and bringing to light the latent content in these traditional tales. The dark and sensual collection ’Between the Sheets’ has some wonderfully weird editions of familiar short stories.

You can download the book, or read a sample, here.

For more, please see my author page on Amazon.

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