How To: Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea-Party

My friends and I hosted an Alice in Wonderland themed fancy dress party last week. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of my favourite childhood stories, and with its bizarre plot-line, whimsical characters and the obnoxious child at it’s centre, an Alice-themed party is a recipe for a fantastic night. The party was so much fun, and I had such a great time that I thought I’d share some ideas here.

Ten Tips for an Alice in Wonderland Themed Party:

1. Invitations to Wonderland

The invitations were made from playing cards, pretty craft paper covered in clocks and written details about the party – all tied together with string.

   1472892_3667804029916_1676105206_n 1470418_3644885816975_934790627_n

2. Teacups and Saucers

My friends and I began by trolling charity shops for second-hand teapots and teacups. We bought labels, which we fixed to everything. It’s great to write different things on the labels, like the obvious ‘Eat me’ and ‘Drink me,’ as well as some more Wonderland-themed quotes.

3. Cocktails and Cheshire Cats

We used the teapots to mix cocktails, which we then poured in to the teacups, although for more sophisticated parties and children’s parties, there’s also the alternative of tea or pop!


We decorated the house from top to bottom with all things Wonderland, focusing on the tea-table. Coco and Bo do some great Alice in Wonderland themed decorations, like this playing card table-cloth:

5. Jam Jars and Sherbet Lemons1459759_3644884536943_1568527981_n

We collected used jam jars, scrubbed off the labels and filled them with sweets. Sherbert Lemons, chewy strawberry’s and other colourful sweets looked great. Coconut Mushrooms and Sugar Mice suit the Wonderland theme if you like them.

6. Teacakes and French-Fancies

Teacakes and French-Fancies looked lovely on the table, but cupcakes are also a good way to go!! If you can afford to, why not go all out and buy a real Alice in Wonderland Cake, like the one in the picture to the below.

7. Fancy Dress – ‘I can’t explain myself, because I’m not myself you see.’

Make fancy dress compulsory! Fancy dress is a must if you want a surreal feel to the party. Face paints are an easy and cost-effective way to dramatically change appearance, while ready-made costumes can be found online. My Alice costume came from ebay!1470401_3644882416890_64062011_n

8. Signposts – ‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’

The iconic Disney film saw signposts directing Alice backwards, forwards, here, there and everywhere. These arrows were made from cardboard, coloured paper and pen. We stuck them to the banister at the bottom of the stairs so that they could point in different directions!

9. Games and Riddles

Whatever type or party you’re hosting, games are a great way to break the ice between guests who may not know eachother and get the conversation going. A fun drinking game is to have someone call ‘Change Places’ while everyone is sat at the table – the last person to rise and move to the seat next to them loses.

 10. She half-believed herself in Wonderland….

Make the most of your night – I really enjoyed our themed party!!


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