The Wonderfully Weird Mind of Mari Ellis

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Since I have 16 followers already, I thought I’d better get my first blog post up and update you all! (Blogging is also a great way to avoid revision…) Other ways to avoid what I’m supposed to be doing which have proved effective today have been:

  1. Digression of this very nature
  2. Staring at the wall
  3. Pretending to brush my teeth with my pen (yes, I did catch myself doing this)
  4. Designing a header for my freelance website (would be great to get some opinions actually!)
  5. Talking to the dog, who, by the way, happens to be deaf… and a dog…
  6. Writing poems… about poetry

Mari Ellis Weird Writing

Anyway, welcome to (Anyone else think I should buy the domain name and get rid of the ‘wordpress’?) Why ‘weird writing’ you may ask? Well simply put, because it is. I write a lot of bizarre fiction, from poems about circus performers to magic-realism.

Imagining, Creating, Putting Words on a Page

I write because I love it. I don’t, (and probably can’t) do anything else. No, I’m not exaggerating, I can’t cook, I can’t drive, I can’t work for other people because they tend to piss me off, and I can’t do anything without daydreaming and coming up with new storylines, new characters etc. So really, I have no choice but to live in my fantasy world and write to my heart’s content.

Between the Sheets

If you take a look around the sight, you’ll find flash fiction, short stories and poetry. I recently entered two collections in to The Grist Chapbook Competition, (which I’m impatiently waiting on the results for,) so unfortunately I can’t exhibit any of the material online. There is, however, a brief teaser of ‘Alice Again‘ if you’re interested. Fingers crossed you’ll see these stories and poems in print very soon, but if not, I’ll get them up asap. Wish me luck!

Keep an eye on the website for new fiction – I’ll be sure to tweet and update my Facebook page every time I upload anything new.

Oh, and please share any content you like via your social media channels. In the meantime, #weirdwriting.

Mari x


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