14. Mad Girl Pounding

Mad Girl Pounding

Fingernails caked in dirt scratch
and claw at his face,
reaching through iron bars;
Like a cat, she stalks,
Tastes salt in her mouth,
Sees blood on his lip;
Lost in a purple haze,    
Screaming for understanding,
He looks at her, angry now,
Pleads with her to ‘calm the fuck down;’
Hurls herself towards him, hits metal,
Sends her arms spiralling in his direction,
Hoping she won’t hit him,
Knowing she will miss him –
Her arms can only collide with steel.
A frenzy of long dark hair
spiralling around her shoulders
like spider’s legs,
Her head smacks the boundaries
that surround her,
Over and over she slams
herself, heavy for something so small,
until she bleeds and froths;
Crouched in the corner she sniffs
the air and cries until she is

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